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Migrants For Future


We at Migrantsforfuture are committed to ensuring that the voices of people with migration histories are heard in the movement. We are a young local group in Berlin. Our goal is to make the movement more diverse and to give EVERYONE access to the issue of climate justice.


We demand – just like Fridays for Future – compliance with the goals of the Paris Agreement and the 1.5°C target. Explicitly, this means for Germany:

Achieve net zero by 2035

Coal phase-out by 2030

100% renewable energy supply by 2035

In addition, we want more people with migration histories to be heard in the movement and in politics, and not just the bio-German academic class to be addressed on this topic. We want to achieve this through more representation. We also demand the payment of climate debts to the most affected regions (MAPA) and the decolonization of all prevailing structures.


Politics still does nothing to offer us a future worth living. That is why we are taking to the streets together with you.

Under the motto #PeopleNotProfit Fridays for Future demands on September 23, 2022 on all continents and everywhere in Germany that politics no longer puts corporate interests above human lives!

Our goal for September 23 is to organize our own M4F block and be represented by as many people as possible. For this we need you! If you want to be part of it and maybe also want to get involved in the long run, please contact us at